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Arcibold is a revolutionary project that uses the power of artificial intelligence to maximize the profits of your property and offer your guests unforgettable travel experiences

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How does Arcibold work for property owners?

Just register to create an ad-hoc site for your facility in real time with a dedicated URL containing the house rules, the map to get there, a list of experiences and local producers to visit.

Thanks to a powerful AI algorithm, Arcibold is able to automatically insert the most suitable services for each structure into the site in order to optimize the experiences to offer its guests.

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How does Arcibold work for tourists?

With Arcibold we have thus solved the problem of all those tourists who after booking an apartment look on the internet for what to do on their holiday coming across a multitude of sites that offer experiences that often turn out to be low-level and overcrowded tourist attractions.

It is in this context that Arcibold fits in, your travel mate.

Arcibold, the travel mate

Imagine having a friend in every city who suggests the best things to do, experiences already tried by other friends and therefore certified.

A friend who knows you and whom you can trust: Arcibold in fact intercepts the booking in real time, acquires information on the guests and sends them the link to your property's website where they can find all the useful information to spend their stay their holiday.

All guaranteed by the homeowner.

With Arcibold we want to extend the concept of promotion that homeowners have for their apartment.

Most property managers think that just including their property in the lists of large booking portals such as or Airbnb is enough to guarantee a good profit.

However, they forget that in this way the most important and profitable part of the booking, the customer, is acquired and managed exclusively by these portals.

With Arcibold we intend to give homeowners an additional channel, exclusive for their apartment, with which to retain their guests and increase earnings.

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Help guests plan their vacation

We intercept bookings in real time and send guests a personalized link with useful information about your apartment, experiences not to be missed and tips for experiencing the city like a real citizen. In this way we anticipate travellers' wishes, saving them time and money.

Save time with Checkin

The guest will be able to provide their documents directly online so that upon arrival she can start her holiday immediately. On the site you will find useful information such as a map to get there, house rules, how to use appliances, where to throw away rubbish, wi-fi access codes and much more.

Maximize profits by offering useful services

With the revenues from the services booked by your guests you will be able to significantly increase your earnings. Furthermore, thanks to the products offered on your site, your guests will be able to continue purchasing when they return home, generating lasting revenue without you having to do anything.

Loyalty & Community

With Arcibold you will be able to create a real community of guests, past and future, to whom you can carry out marketing actions. The goal is to make guests spend unforgettable holidays so that, thanks to word of mouth, direct bookings increase, saving you on portal commissions.

One hub to manage all structures

If you are a private individual or a company that manages multiple structures, Arcibold offers you the HUB application, thanks to which it is possible to manage the bookings of all the apartments, thus saving booking portal fees and directly acquiring customer leads.

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Try & Buy

Arcibold has developed a program reserved for local producers thanks to which they are given the opportunity to have international customers staying in Italy taste their products. A unique opportunity for companies that base their strength on quality but do not have the means to promote their products internationally.

This service is available to all tourists who want to try the excellence of local production during their holiday. By accessing the Try & Buyers of the site will be able to book the products they want to try at a promotional price, they will find them at home upon their arrival together with a coupon with which they will be able to discount them entirely from their next purchase.

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Arcibold is a Win-Win project with which everyone has an advantage:

Homeowners who will have more bookings, happy guests and ever-growing revenue and guests who will enjoy a tailor-made and unforgettable travel experience.

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